Minister of Finance: The trial phase of the Advance Cargo Information System in seaports will continue until the end of September 2021

Dr. Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, issued a decree to extend the trial phase of Advance Cargo Information System (ACI) until the end of next September 2021, and to postpone the mandatory Implantation of the ACI system for pre-registration of shipments in the seaports to the first of next October 2021, which was scheduled for the first of next July; This is to give importers and their agents of customs brokers, companies exporting to Egypt and multinational companies a last opportunity to register on the new system, and to conduct more experiments to achieve the desired harmony between importers and foreign exporters dealing with them; In a manner that contributes to the success of this new system to help in facilitating and automating procedures, Expanding the pre-clearance of customs clearance of goods before they reach the ports, thus reducing the cost of goods and services, and lowering their prices in local markets.

It comes; In response to the request of the business community, including a number of chambers of commerce, Egyptian importers and manufacturers, and a number of foreign export companies and international multinational companies, to extend the trial run of the ACI system for pre-registration of shipments in seaports, which was launched since last April; So that they can join the system, and there is agreement between foreign importers and exporters, and take advantage of the facilities offered by this system; Especially in light of the continuing impact of the “Corona” pandemic on global supply and supply chains.

The minister indicated his keenness to provide a longer period of time for all foreign companies and exporters to complete their readiness to deal with the new system. In order to ensure the highest levels of governance for merchandise imports to Egyptian ports, adherence to quality standards for goods imported to the Egyptian citizen, and the elimination of fraudulent and unknown goods of unknown origin and identity. He explained that the system is technically ready, as evidenced by the statistics, which are increasing at an accelerating rate daily during the trial run period from the first of last April to June 20, 2021. The trade community side, while the total number of ACI certificates on the system reached 8,156, including 5,257 certificates issued with ACI numbers. And 2899 ACI certificates, the data of which is being completed by the dealers, the number of companies participating in the pilot project reached 1488, and the number of foreign exporters who registered on the system approached 16 thousand, and 1.5 million browsed the electronic portal "ACI-Window".

The minister called on importers and their agents of customs brokers to speed up joining the pre-registration of shipments (ACI), as there will be no further deadline after the end of next September, and no goods shipped from abroad will be allowed to enter as of the first of next October to the Egyptian seaports. Except through the ACI pre-registration system.

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