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Advance Information System

Invoices Structured Data Form

In reference to Minister of Finance Decrees no. 38, 222, 328, and 367 for 2021 on the Advance Cargo Information (ACI) system, which specifies the controls and procedures that must be adhered to regarding ACI system, as its mandatory implementation will take effect on 1/10/2021 for shipments arriving at seaports;

Following recently successive meetings held with members of trade community to discuss the mechanisms of implementing ACI system regarding the method of sending shipment documents from the exporter to the importer; and

With reference to Article 1 of Ministerial Decree no. 222 of 2021, which stipulates that the foreign exporter or producer must electronically send shipment data and documents to NAFEZA platform via the Block Chain platform;

It has been noted from the aforementioned meetings that a large percentage of foreign exporters are currently not ready to implement the mechanisms of the ACI pre-registration system regarding the method of sending the electronic invoice to the importer.

The ACI system offers multiple methods for uploading and sending invoices in structured data form, as follows:

1. Perform Direct Data Entry to MS EXCEL Invoice Template:

This method is recommended for exporters who do not have computer-based systems, or those who have invoices with a limited number of line items.

In such cases, the foreign exporter downloads the Invoice MS EXCEL Template, required by the ACI system and prepared by Nafeza, and directly inputs the invoice data into the table cells. 

2. Convert PDF Invoice into MS EXCEL file:

It is not possible to upload and send invoices in structured data form in an MS EXCEL file, in case the invoice includes more than 50 items.

In order to facilitate the process for the foreign trade community, the foreign exporter can benefit from an additional free-of-charge service for a period of 6 months via Block Chain platform, which acts as a Single Window to the foreign trade community, offering document preparation services (the invoice in this case, at the request of the exporter), uploading shipment documents to the Egyptian importer via Block Chain / NAFEZA platform once available, and any other services that may be developed in the future.

To convert PDF invoices electronically into MS EXCEL files, follow the following steps: 

  1. The foreign exporter uses the Exporter ERP system to generate the invoice in an Open/Structured PDF file (NOTE: using PDF files generated by scanning copies of a printed invoices is not permissible) and map data specified on NAFEZA file field and data listed on the PDF invoice (to be colored in red and highlighted in yellow);
  2. The foreign exporter pushes the BUTTON-OF-THE-SERVICE and logs using their CargoX username/password and uploads the designated PDF invoice file and requests PDF Invoice Conversion into MS EXCEL Service using RPA.
  3. Once the file is converted to MS EXCEL the foreign exporter receives it via e-mail. Exporter verifies the converted file, and makes corrections if needed. Once the invoice in excel document is correct, the exporter logs into CargoX blockchain portal and composes new Egypt ACI envelope, enters ACID number, and uploads excel invoice along with the other documents and files ACI.
  4. Please find attached:

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