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Advance Information System

Documents required to create an ACI file

Most ACI Filing Require the Following Documents

  • A commercial invoice  (PDF Format and XLS/XLSX Microsoft Excel “Nafeza Template” or convert PDF to EXCEL)
  • Packing List (PDF Format)
  • Bill of Lading Copy (do not upload original BL - only a copy of BL is needed) (PDF Format)
  • Certificate of origin (PDF Format) 

Make sure when uploading any document on Nafeza and CargoX platform that the size of one document does not exceed 5 MB

Depending on shipment/cargo, other documents might be required (PDF Format)

  • Bill of materials 
  • Certificate of analysis
  • Certificate of fumigation
  • Certificate of inspection
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Delivery note 
  • EUR.1 movement certificate 
  • Halal certificate 
  • Health certificate 
  • Material safety Data sheet 
  • Phytosanitary certificate 
  • Cover letter 
  • Veterinary certificate 
  • Others