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It is a standard for unifying the code of goods, products and services of each company so that this code doesn't repeated worldwide and guarantees the product's affiliation to the manufacturer.

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Who is responsible for registering on Nafeza?

The stakeholder or his delegated customs broker, shipping agent, freight forwarder or container .....

How can the foreign exporter register on Block Chain CargoX platform, and what is the number of registrations allowed?

The foreign exporter registers its data and its company data on BlockChain CargoX platform for one time only at the following....

Can the broker add data for the stakeholder?

Yes, pursuant to a delegation by the stakeholder....

Where can I get the e-Token and the names of the companies that deal with it?

From Misr Al Makasa and.....

What if the exporter does not submit the electronic invoice and only submits the paper invoice and the data listed by the Egyptian importer?

As per the minister of finance decrees no.430 for the year 2021 for issuing the implementing regulation (constitutional article No. 19 – Clause ...

How can a shipping agent get an ACID for the shipment and how can it verify its validity?

A shipping agent can obtain an ACID number through the foreign exporter or the shipping documents including the name of the agent be...

Can we submit all the documents in the initial phase to obtain the ACID number?

All documents and data can be uploaded by the foreign exporter on the BlockChain ...

What is the broker's role in the ACI system?

In accordance with the the Minister of Finance's Resolutions No. 38 and No. 222 of 2021, the customs broker can apply for the ACID number....

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