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Services Terms and Conditions

Service Accessibility :

  • Customer's signature on the service request and submitting it to the Logistics Service Center is considered a final binding contract between the Nafeza platform and trader, hence trader should read and understand all terms and conditions of the service accurately and thoroughly before signing.
  • The Business account allowed by Nafeza Platform allow access to multiple electronic services such as e-portal, direct trader Input, Mobile Services and others as well as the execution of different customs transactions on all trader's organizations. Upon using any of these services, this is considered as the customer acknowledgment and acceptance of the related terms and conditions regulating these services which are published through the respective channels or on the official website of Nafeza Platform.
  • Trader has reviewed and approved all the Nafeza Platform’s electronic services terms and conditions published on the Nafeza Platform’s website, which is subject to update as per the Nafeza Platform’s assessment.
  • Trader’s signature on the E-Services subscription application is a final consent and approval of utilizing current E-services, including any future amends, this applies as well on utilizing and/or electronically approving any new/upcoming E-services, without any liability on Nafeza Platform.


  • Trader should review and adhere to all security guidelines published on the electronic channels or on the Nafeza Platform's official website.
  • The Platform takes all necessary security precautions to ensure the confidentiality of Traders' data and information that might be handed over by the trader. The Platform is also committed to preserve the secrecy of all operations performed by trader, however the Nafeza Platform gives no guarantee against computer viruses or intrusions, trader must take all the necessary measures to protect his/her private information. In addition, the Nafeza Platform is not responsible for any damage that might affect the trader as a result of using the Electronic Services. The Nafeza Platform and Trader are committed not to disclose any of the above according to the regional laws or for applying any sentences or abiding orders or regarding terms and conditions of using the service.
  • The trader accepts that it is his/her responsibility, to maintain and comply with the security and management control procedures and any other instructions received concerning Nafeza Security. The trader agrees to set up, maintain and regularly review any further security measures that are needed to comply with good computer user practice. The trader is responsible for ensuring the security of its own computing and communications equipment and the safe transmission of messages to Nafeza overall.
  • The customer agrees to keep Nafeza platform indemnified against all actions, proceeding, costs, loss and damage of any kind which Nafeza platform may suffer as a result of failure by the trader to comply with the duties under this application.

Services Enrollment:

  • For details on how to subscribe for the first time, stop or reactivate the service. Please visit the Nafeza platform's official website or contact one of our customer service representatives.

Fees & Charges:

  • There are no fees for accessing your business transactions through the e-services. Other fees may apply to particular services as described in the applicable documents separately and trader will be notified if any fees are applied from the Nafeza platform in the manner it deems appropriate.

Customer Rights & Responsibilities:

  • The right to use the e-services or benefiting from it is limited to the trader only and no one else, trader is committed at all times not to let any other person to use or benefit from it.
  • Any actions or instructions issued from the trader's account by accessing his business tranactions using the proper authentication method, shall be valid and shall be deemed as an evidence of proof, and the trader herein declares that such action is unchallengeable and the trader shall have no right to claim that such action is null and/or void for any reason whatsoever.
  • For any complains or inquiries trader should contact the call center on the announced number. Nafeza platform will ensure responding to the trader in a timely manner through the appropriate channel.
  • The trader shall notify the Nafeza platform immediately with any unauthorized access to his/her account, which he/she knows or suspects is not liable.
  • The trader commits of his/her consent that the Nafeza platform can submit or disclose all or some information related to his/her account(s) to any of its branches, and/or agents and/or any of the entities that provide technical or customs services or any of the entities the Nafeza platform contracts to provide services related to carrying out any of the customs services and are allowed by the nafeza platform according to what the Nafeza platform sees adequate and necessary.
  • Trader acknowledges and accepts the code stating fees, and charges applicable to the products and services offered by the Nafeza platform, and confirms that it is announced at all branches and through the Nafeza platform’s channels of communication, including the website. He also reserves the right for Nafeza platform to amend this code periodically without obtaining the client’ prior consent.
  • In the event that trader would like to terminate the service, he is committed to ensure that all payments/instructions shall be cancelled in a manner and form acceptable to the Nafeza platform before the date of termination. He is obliged to go to the nearest logistic services center and/or contact the Nafeza contact center, where he can inquire about the expenses offered by the Nafeza platform in this case (if any), without any responsibility or obligation falling on the Nafeza platform in this regard.
  • The Trader acknowledges to refer to the Nafeza platform's official website for any service planned outage

Nafeza Rights & Responsibilities:

  • The Nafeza platform has the right to stop or limit the use of the service or any part of it to protect trader interest according to its absolute discretion, and the trader shall be notified by the Nafeza platform as deemed appropriate.
  • The Nafeza platform's responsibility is limited to the processing of the data received and accepting it and cannot be held responsible for the inaccuracy of any data or information provided by the trader. The Nafeza platform shall not be responsible also for indemnifying the trader for any inaccuracy that may occur. The trader has no right to cancel or amend any entry after its submission date.
  • The Nafeza platform shall not be responsible for any processing delays caused by circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to; power  outage, errors caused by systems, networks malfunctions, or any executions delay resulting from the electronic payments network and/or correspondent/ receiving Nafeza platforms.
  • The Nafeza platform may – at any time – refrain from executing any or all of the trader's transactions without giving any reasons, where the Nafeza platform deems it as appropriate and the trader shall be notified by the Nafeza platform.
  • The Nafeza platform shall be entitled – at any time – to temporarily or permanently suspend any of the electronic customs services for any period of time, without giving reasons and without notifying the customer.
  • The Nafeza platform has the right to amend any of the terms and conditions regulating the online customs services at any time and with no need for prior notification to the trader. The Nafeza platform will notify the trader with the amendments through the suitable means and such amendments are considered binding and enforceable and in case the trader does not accept any of these amends or changes he/she must inform the Nafeza platform of his/her wish to terminate contract within 30 days from the date of receiving notification, and he/she must stop right away carrying out any transactions.
  • The Nafeza platform has the right to entrust any third party to carry out some of its commitments (not all of them) according to the terms and conditions of using the Nafeza e-services, and in this case the Nafeza platform will be responsible to keep the secrecy of the trader data and all his/her accounts, and will be responsible for any mistakes or negligence the third party might commit.
  • The Nafeza platform or any other party that might be handed over any of the Nafeza platform's commitments, according to the terms and conditions, have the right to record and keep any phone calls received on the numbers dedicated to the call center.

Service Availability:

  • Nafeza e-services are available 7 days a week and in case of a planned maintenance or service disruption, trader will be informed through the appropriate channel.
  • The Nafeza platform has the right to stop the online e-services, if the trader did not use the services for more than one year.

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