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Single Window Concept for foreign trade.

As Nafeza is the only trade facilitation portal in Egypt, we enable our stakeholders to have a trouble free experience by submitting all the documentations needed for import, export & transit of goods in a single point of entry.

This concept is internationally recognized and supported by many international organizations concerned with trade facilitation. Among these organizations are the United Nations European Economic Commission (UNECE), the Center for Trade and Electronic Business Facilitation (UN / CEFACT) and the World Customs Organization (WCO).

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Single window system (Nafeza)

The one-stop shop for foreign trade

Business process reengineering. In order to achieve integration & coordination of information across all ports of Egypt, Nafeza is the only National single window for trade in Egypt. We are honored to welcome our stakeholders of the commercial community to submit their documents and transactions one single time through any of our & logistics service centers or Nafeza portals across Egypt in order to meet the business needs of the commercial & international trade stakeholders

Nafeza works in accordance with international control and standards to facilitate all the procedures in order to release the goods of our stakeholders timely & effectively.

In order to transform the whole system of ports procedures in Egypt to a unified electronic portal system, Nafeza is based on two axes:
1 Business process reengineering.
2 System tools development in the form of digital portal, logistics applications, central integrated system, logistics services centers

Faster service, fewer steps
Submit documents and fill out the coding form

Submit the required documents and papers through the logistics services centers

Determine the date of examination and inspection

Schedule the examination and inspection committee automatically and send a notice to the concerned person by text message

Pay the fees online

Providing mechanisms for paying fees electronically through a bank

Receive the consolidated release permission

Receive the standardized release permit to start procedures for receiving goods

Nafeza Centers Network for Logistics Services

We are always available to serve you through a number of centers located in strategic locations throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt

Return on the commercial and industrial community

One form for release

The standardized release form for goods includes all details related to the shipment

Online services

The new online logistics services will provide an easy, convenient and safe way to conduct all your transactions

Aggregate payment in banks

Through the combined bill, the bill can be paid electronically through banks without being restricted to a specific bank

Joint examination with appointments

Conducting inspection and examination through a unified committee that includes all relevant parties, and it is determined automatically to ensure transparency

Standard procedures without documents

Standard procedures for all logistical sites and centers by submitting documents only once

Real-time follow up of procedures

Provide the possibility of instant follow-up to the session of procedures related to the release of goods through text messages and a self-service machine

Sustainable Development

Nafeza business and activities is divided into two principles

Completion of services on time

We always work to provide you with distinguished services that meet your aspirations