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Minister of Finance: The trial phase of the ACI System in seaports will continue until the end of September 2021

It comes, In response to the request of the business community, including a number of chambers of commerce, Egyptian importers and manufacturers

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All you need to know about Advanced Cargo Information System

System requirements and implementation plan

It is a customs system whos procedures take place during the pre-shipment stage from the country of export up to arrival at the Egyptian ports.

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Advance Cargo Information System

An electronic system for advance information about goods before they are shipped from the port of export to Egyptian ports

Achieving an early warning system for the departments concerned with risks and targeting, including inspections before shipping goods from the country of export

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Inquire about required documents now

Mandatory attachments when submitting some goods

You can inquire about the required documents according to the concerned party

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Unified Registration System

Login to Nafeza Platform via Single Sign-On System.

Complete your electronic transactions conveniently by log in only once to benefit from the various eServices through the single-sign-on feature provided by Nafeza ID.

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Business Notifications via Kaizala

Kaizala is a messaging app from Microsoft to help the trade community achieve their business.

The service will enable you to receive instant notifications about your declarations automatically.

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The National Single Window for foreign trade "Nafeza"

Advanced logistic services in accordance with international standards.

Single Window offer a single point of entry and single submission of trade relevant data for traders, and a more efficient and faster processing in a paperless environment.

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Digital Customs Publications is now available

Save your time and never miss any important information again

Browse customs publications easily with smart search capabilities

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Track Customs Declaration
Latest News
  • Operating the logistic services center in Cairo Airport during the month of March ... and activating the single window system

  • The Prime Minister issued Decision No. 20 of 2019 to form the Higher Ministerial Committee, which includes 6 ministers to monitor the implementation of the (single window) system

  • The Higher Ministerial Committee of the “One Stop Shop” system holds the first meeting chaired by Dr. Mohamed Ma’it, the Minister of Finance, for the speedy completion of the logistics centers ’equipment, the governance of procedures, and the implementation of the“ One Single Window ”system

Business forms
  • "Unified encoding of incoming customs declaration" form.

    1.61 MB

  • The "Unified Coding of Customs Declaration Data for Outbound" form.

    1.54 MB

  • Form "Delegate to create an e-services account on the website".

    0.09 MB

  • "Declaration and Undertaking" form - for the establishment's main account.

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  • Guidelines for the “Unified Coding Form for Customs Declaration Data”.

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  • NTRA – Coding Form.

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Single window concept

Recommendation No. 33, UNECE through its Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT)

The Single Window concept refers to a facility that allows parties involved in trade and transport to lodge standardized information and documents with a single entry point to fulfil all import, export, and transit-related regulatory requirements. If information is electronic, then individual data elements should only be submitted once.

This concept is internationally recognized and supported by many international organizations concerned with trade facilitation. Among these organizations are the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), The United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT), and The World Customs Organization (WCO).

More about Recommendation No. 33

National Single Window (Nafeza)

National Single Window for Foreign Trade Facilitation

The National Single Window for Foreign Trade Facilitation "Nafeza" is an integrated information platform to achieve the integration and coordination of procedures and information exchange between all parties that are involved in the foreign trade system in Egypt, and allowing the business and trade community to submit all documents and transactions (customs / control authorities / ports) once through a logistics services center (or via Online “e-portal”) to fulfill all regulatory requirements related to the release of goods.

The platform operates in accordance with the international standards of trade related procedures and customs requirements for the clearance of goods, to convert Egypt into “One Logistical Area”.

The development of platform depends on two main pillars:

1- Business procedures reengineering and governance,
2- Platform elements development (e-Portal / Core Logistics Application / Central Integration System / Data Warehouses / Information Infrastructure / Logistics Services Centers…, etc.)

A smarter way to logistics services

The Logistics Services Center is a new concept for business transactions that are related to the release of goods through the National Single Window System for Foreign Trade (Nafeza), which aims to provide services faster and a modern logistical experience.

Submit documents and fill out the coding form

Submit the required documents through the logistics services center

Determine the inspection date

Schedule the inspection committee automatically and send a notification to the concerned person/trader

Pay the Customs duties

Provide e-payment method for paying customs duties electronically through a bank

Receive the Single Administrative Document (SAD)

Obtain an authorized stamped Simplified SAD to execute the goods-release process


Nafeza’s Benefits for Business and Trading Community

Nafeza will contribute to improving the level of logistics services, which will impact positively the business and trading community

Single Administrative Document (SAD)

Standard Form for releasing goods that includes all shipment details

e-Services/Online Service

Providing logistics services packages via the internet (e-Portal, Mobile App…., etc.)

Consolidated Invoices & e-Payments

Receive one consolidated invoice includes all duties for all parties, and pay through banks

Unified Scheduled Inspections

Conduct the inspection process via a unified committee includes all concerned parties

Unified Procedures with Non-redundant Data Entry

Unified procedures at all logistics services centers with minimum documents, which are submitted once

Real-time procedures follow-up

Providing the possibility of immediate follow-up procedures related to the release of goods through text messages, self-service machines, e-portal, and mobile application

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